1.       All sales are final- No credits, refunds or exchanges unless otherwise agreed in writing at time of sale. We reserve the right at our discretion to accept returns of items with a 20% re-stocking fee.


2.       Conditions of Items: All items unless specified are in excellent vintage conditions and do not have any serious structural damage but may show minor wear consistent with age use. This includes minor chips, abrasions, paint losses and dents.


3.       Payment terms: Items must be paid in full before shipping or being picked up. Receipt of payment will be considered as acceptance of these terms.


4.       Services: Gaspare Asaro- Italian Modern (Sphere NYC) will not be responsible for any damage or delays caused by a 3rd party independent of Gaspare Asaro-Italian Modern. This is inclusive of but not limited to restoration services, upholstery, locksmiths and transportation.


5.       Shipping: Gaspare Asaro- Italian Modern (Sphere NYC) will not be responsible for any item being lost or damaged during shipping, regardless of which party makes the arrangements. The purchaser will be responsible for all costs.


6.       Taxes:  All applicable taxes shall be added to the purchase price and paid by the purchaser. If taxes are not applicable the purchaser must provide a completed and signed ST-120 New York resale form.


7.       No Warranties: All merchandise is sold “as is” and “where is”. No express or implied warranties. No waiver or modifications of these conditions will be valid unless accepted in writing and signed by a representative of Gaspare Asaro-Italian Modern (Sphere NYC).


8.       Electrical Wiring: Gaspare Asaro- Italian Modern (Sphere NYC) will not be responsible for any damages or incidents that may occur because of electrical wiring. Items may have original wiring or may have been partially re-wired. Items are not UL listed unless stated. UL Listing can be agreed upon in writing at the time of sale for $60.00 per sockets. Responsibility for any damages or incidents thereafter will be in the hands of the 3rd party performing such services. It is the purchasers’ responsibility to know the electrical requirements needed for installation.


9.       Storage: Gaspare Asaro Italian Modern (Sphere NYC) will not be responsible for the loss or damages of any items that are in storage from more than 30 days from the date of purchase. We have the right to exercise a storage fee on any items in storage for more than 3 months.


10.    Uniform Commercial Code: No provisions of this invoice shall be construed as limiting in any manner, any of the rights or remedies available to us under the Uniform Commercial Code as in force and effect in the State of New York on the date of this invoice.


11.    Controlling Provisions: These terms and conditions shall supersede and provisions, terms and conditions contained on any confirmation of order, or other writing the purchased may give or receive, and the rights of the parties shall be governed exclusively by the provisions, terms and conditions hereof, except as any be agreed in writing by the purchaser and Gaspare Asaro-Italian Modern (Sphere NYC).